Alice's Visit, January 2008

After a great deal of harassment from my side, Alice finally came to see me in Seattle, and I had fun playing hostess and dragging her through the lovely rain and snow that we see up in the Pacific Northwest during the winter.

Day Zero - Arrival: Alice's flight got here around noon, but I had to work the rest of the day, so she was a good sport and spent a few hours shopping at Bellevue Square. Afterwards, I picked her up (avoiding the drivers who seemed particularly crazy that day), made the obligatory stop at the company store, and went to Bilal and Nazia's house for a WDeploy dinner.

Day One - Vancouver: Lots of food, shopping, and Asian people!

Day Two - Seattle-ish: Wine, food, and waterfalls in the Seattle area.

Day Three - Stevens Pass: Skiing in the mountains.

Day Four - Seattle: Finally, we hit downtown Seattle.