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Sun Lakes Camping Trip

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Kay, Sam, Heather, Justin and I decided to take a trip to watch the Perseid meteor shower out in the middle of nowhere, away from trees and bright city lights. The trip was a bit ambitiously planned and we were often rushed due to the length of the driving, but overall, the trip was fun and worthwhile.

We drove from Seattle to our Friday night campsite at Lake Wenatchee State Park (which fortunately was open in spite of the fires). Traffic was bad for our car, so we ended up getting there barely before it was completely dark. Kay and Sam's car didn't get in until about midnight. The campsite was nice, though the ground was hard, and we had sites with RV hookups, so there was water and electricity. The next day we took a short hike down the river, which was nice and scenic. We even saw a bear! Granted, it was Smokey the Bear in a ranger truck, but still...

One of the more amusing moments of the trip occurred in the morning when we were trying to cook breakfast and noticed an abnormally large amount of green pine needles falling from the sky. Justin concluded that it was an angry chipmunk of some sort trying to get us out of his territory. The chipmunk continued to hurl its ammunition at Justin's head until Justin finally saw one of its kind running around, so he began to pelt rocks at it. It froze and made the weirdest distress call, and it kept making the weird noise while running as Justin hurled more rocks at it.


[[ Justin working on breakfast as the chipmunk cackles evilly ]]


[[ Heather, Kay, and Sam at our Lake Wenatchee campsite ]]


[[ Justin strolling along relatively flat terrain, breathing approximately once every five steps ]]



[[ Views from our short hike ]]


[[ Obligatory cat picture. As soon as I rearranged the things on my desk, the cat found a nice, warm, and open spot to nap. ]]


We stopped in Leavenworth and Wenatchee because they were on the way from Lake Wenatchee to Sun Lakes, and we took some time to walk around Leavenworth to taste some wine, eat some chocolate, and eat some ice cream. The town was full of tourists, since it was a nice weekend in the summer.


[[ Ye Olde Bavarian Leavenworth Village ]]


[[ Heather and Justin checking out a lunch menu ]]

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